We want to start off by saying thanks to everyone who has played PeakRP over the last few years. We're super proud of everything we have achieved, and are happy 99% of you enjoyed it, played and had a good time.

Unfortunately, we have decided to close PeakRP due to the excessive toxicity of some users in this community. Certain people in this community spill into real life toxic behaviour, and it's no longer worth it for us to dedicate time and have that worry going on.

If you have made store purchases recently (ie. within the last month), please send an e-mail to with your payment information, and we will aim to sort it out for you within a few days.

Thanks to the PeakRP staff team over years who have done a tremendous job trying to keep the PeakRP community happy, safe, and in check.

Thanks to everyone who supported PeakRP through our store, allowing us to work on PeakRP for so long.

Thanks to Sulake for letting us have our little space of Habbo.

Looks like we were never going to see the valentines crowns return, but hope all you e-daters have a good valentines day. ❤️ Love you all. x

To those who have emailed so far - we are getting through them. There's a fair few to get through, and we will get round to them all in the next day or 2 max. Thanks for all the lovely comments as well!